Top Exporter in 2016

Top Exporter in 2016

Top Exporter in 2016

Exportation has constantly been one of the main targets of YASAN Company. A considerable amount of work and investments take into account in terms of production quality and marketing activities. All attempts resulted in 2010 by exporting the first batch of transmission towers to Senegal. The message of the first exportation was clear to YASAN and it was the acceptable quality of products by the other countries' employers with reasonable costs. It was turning point of exportation in YASAN. Yasan began to extend its marketing activities in other countries, for instance, participating in international exhibitions in Lebanon, South Africa, Iraq and etc. which led to a number of projects in those countries. The projects namely are OTL 230 Kv Bangladesh, OTL 132 KV Iraq, and etc. Name of YASAN since then are reputed in the regions and The brand became a well-known brand in the target markets. In 2015, YASAN could win a tender of supplying over 28000 MT transmission towers for Syria including 7 types of towers from 66KV to 400KV. In that fierce competition, YASAN competency was vivid due to the successful background of international works. 

Now, this is our honour to have the chance of sharing our experiences with any countries and we keep working hard to maintain our name and position as top exporter.


Nematzadeh Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade Awards Top Exporter Statue

On 20th Oct 2016 YASAN is nominated for top exporter of transmission towers in Iran by the Trade Development Organisation. The importance of this award is that YASAN is classified as top exporter of non- petrochemical companies which comply with the target of the organisation to be independent from oil productions.

Managers of YASAN Holding Statue and Certificate of Top Exporter

The following certificate of the top exporter is signed by the minister of industry, mine and trade and certify that YASAN is leading company in exportation in Iran. This success is made while Iran's economy was in particular position due to political challenges. 

Certificate of Top Exporter Signed By The Minister

Markazi province is of the industrial cities in Iran where a considerable share of in-house productions belongs to this province. Industry, Mine and Trade Organisation of Markazi province was independently qualified YASAN as top exporter in the whole province and it was admired by granting the following certificate.

Certificate of Top Exporter of Markazi Province in the Hands of YASAN's Manager

YASAN company has currently engaged 500 direct workforces which made this company as medium size firm in the province with a high capacity of growth.

Certificate Top Exporter in Markazi Province with Governor Signature

The ministry of Power is also acknowledged 24 top exporter companies in a ceremony held in the conference hall of power ministry. Yasan was acknowledged for exporting technical engineering services to a number of neighbour countries.

Mr. ChitChian the Minister of Power Is granting the Top Exporter Statue

This Statue is attempts of all YASAN's members which rigidly work for a mutual target and t the at is satisfaction of employers.

The Power Ministry Top Exporter Statue

The Power Ministry Top Exporter Statue